TORONTO -- CTV News has obtained exclusive new video showing blood contaminated with a harmful virus gushing from a pipe connected to a farmed-salmon processing plant in British Columbia. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. B.C. bloodwater: Two years after he first exposed blood streaming into one of Canada's largest migratory routes for wild salmon, photographer Tavish Campbell tells CTV News the effluent, contaminated with piscine reovirus, is still flowing.

2. Ontario teachers strike: Hundreds of thousands of Ontario high school students will be out of classrooms today as their teachers take part in a one-day strike amid months of fruitless negotiations between the union and the province.

3. NATO Summit: U.S. President Donald Trump was congratulatory and friendly with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the pair's first meeting since the fall federal election, but that was before video went viral of the PM and other foreign leaders talking candidly about the president.

4. Future of mobile: 5G technology holds the promise of transforming the digital lives of users with its next-generation capability for billions of devices to communicate with each other at once. But the rollout is proving to be tricky for Canada, and here's a look at the reasons why.

5. Places to move to: Thinking of a move? This Canadian city has been named the fifth-best city in the world for expats, according to an annual study.

One more thing…

Surplus auctions: They're not heated and don't have any power, but you can pick up a vintage fire cabin for someone on your Christmas list this year, courtesy of the Alberta government.

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