Flight operations have resumed at Hong Kong's International Airport after pro-democracy protesters caused cancellations for two straight days. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Hong Kong protests: Continued unrest in Hong Kong has resulted in hundreds of injuries, many more arrests, and increasing international attention. CTVNews.ca looks at how the protests began and why they've escalated.

2. Jeffrey Epstein: Following his death, U.S. investigators have shifted focus to those who were close to Jeffrey Epstein, including his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.

3. Toronto shootings: As the City of Toronto works to combat gun violence, data from local police shows that the city is combating more shootings to date than in recent years, though deaths are down.

4. Travel warning: The Jamaican government has extended a state of emergency for popular tourist destinations on the Caribbean island to the end of October due to a significant increase in violent crime.

5. Aid worker: An American missionary is being sued in Ugandan civil court after severely malnourished children died allegedly while under her care at an unlicensed treatment centre.

One more thing…

Movement guidelines: A new study testing the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines has found that a combination of reduced screen time and getting a good night's sleep may lessen impulsivity in children.

Screen time