TORONTO -- Canada has now fully vaccinated 78.97 per cent of the country's eligible population. Here’s what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Liberal minority: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is vowing to get “back to work,” after the 2021 federal election dealt him a second minority government that looks much like the one Canadians elected in 2019. 

2. Conceding defeat: The Conservative Party under Erin O’Toole has come up short, failing to dethrone the now three-term Trudeau Liberals. 

3. Green surprises: The Green Party is sending more than one MP to Ottawa for just the second time in its history, even as it appeared to lose a significant amount of the voter support it received in 2019 and its leader didn't come close to winning her desired seat

4. Border restrictions: U.S. President Joe Biden's administration has announced its first clear indication that it is preparing to ease travel restrictions, but details are in short supply, including how the new policy will specifically impact travel at the Canada-U.S. land border

5. Fiance search: Brian Laundrie, the fiance of Gabby Petito whose body may have been found Sunday in Wyoming, has been missing for almost a week. Here's why the search for Laundrie has been so difficult for authorities

One more thing…

Dementia diagnosis: According to a new report looking at Alzheimer’s disease and dementia worldwide, around 75 per cent of all dementia cases are undiagnosed, meaning there could be a “tsunami of demand” for diagnosis in the next few years. 

PET brain scan