TORONTO -- Canada is approaching 86,000 total cases of COVID-19, with more than 44,000 considered recovered. Here’s what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Reopening rules: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it's natural for people to be "a little confused" about what they can and cannot do as the economy begins to reopen, but warned that we must remain smart to avoid a resurgence of COVID-19. 

2. Isolation fatigue: Experts say part of the reason people are gathering in large groups amid lockdown measures lies in something called "isolation fatigue," a psychologically-based restlessness

3. Sick leave: The federal government committed Monday to advancing talks with the provinces and territories on ensuring that Canadians can access paid sick leave after the NDP made it a condition of supporting the Liberals in their spring session proposal. 

4. WHO warning: The World Health Organization is warning that countries lifting public health restrictions too early could see an “immediate second peak” in COVID-19 cases, even if new diagnoses are currently declining in their region. 

5. Testing capabilities: As access to testing for COVID-19 becomes more widespread, CTV News has compiled the testing criteria in each province and territory. 

One more thing…

Cover up: Adding a cloth face mask to your wardrobe is something many Canadians are considering, and CTV News has tips from the experts on what to look out for.