TORONTO -- Canada has more than 23,400 active cases of COVID-19, with nearly 2,800 new cases added in the last day. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Taking the reins: The second and final U.S. presidential debate largely stayed on track as NBC reporter Kristen Welker kept the candidates on topic, earning the seasoned White House reporter a rare moment of bipartisan praise

2. Breaking records: Canada has reported its highest number of COVID-19 cases in a single day, breaking a record set in the spring as two provinces announced their highest one-day tallies. 

3. New motion: After surviving a confidence vote, the Liberals are facing a new Conservative challenge calling for wide-sweeping disclosures on a spread of health-focused policy decisions related to the pandemic.  

4. Vaccine testing: A petition has been filed to the federal government calling on Canada to allow controversial human challenge trials, to test unproven COVID-19 vaccines on healthy volunteers willing to get infected with the novel coronavirus.  

5. Seasonal depression: As the days grow greyer and the trees start shedding their leaves, mental health professionals are starting to worry about how hard seasonal depression could hit during a pandemic.  

One more thing…

Winter weather: A chill in the air usually brings thoughts of the winter to come and then the yearly debate begins: When is the best time to mount the winter tires?

Winter car