TORONTO -- Investigative teams are combing through debris in a wooded area to determine what made a small plane crash in southern Ontario, killing all seven passengers on board. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. 'Demolition by neglect': More than four years after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided not to reside at 24 Sussex Drive, sources tell CTV News the deteriorating building is costing taxpayers millions of dollars in basic upkeep.

2. Conservative leadership: Andrew Scheer has reiterated that he has no intention of stepping down as party leader despite new calls for his resignation by high-profile Conservatives.

3. Hockey culture: Even though it wasn't directed toward him, the former NHL player who has accused Bill Peters of making racist remarks says he isn't buying the Calgary Flames head coach's apology letter.

4. 'Bomb cyclone': As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, travel across the country has been disrupted by a massive wintry storm, and it's heading towards Canada.

5. Holiday shopping: Experts say scammers will use Black Friday and Cyber Monday as bait to lure Canadian consumers distracted by the prospect of the best deals. Here's how to avoid falling victim to an online scam this year.

One more thing…

'Twitter jail': A Toronto-based podcaster is criticizing Twitter after he jokingly tweeted that he hopes a fictional character dubbed Baby Yoda "dies painfully" and was flagged by the platform for harassment.

Baby Yoda