It's Friday, CTV News has 5 things you need to know before the weekend sets in: a New Brunswick mother isn’t happy about the discipline her daughter received for wearing a shirt; flavoured tobacco will disappear from Nova Scotia’s shores this weekend; the federal government has removed a tax on tampons; NORAD fighter jets are training to intercept flights in the Arctic; and a Calgary creationist and a paleontologist have differing viewpoints on recently discovered fossils.

Plus on this day back in 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev paid a historic visit to Canada, meeting with then-prime minister Brian Mulroney.

1. Clothing kerfuffle: A New Brunswick mother is not happy that school officials pulled her 10-year-old daughter aside in the hallway and chided her for wearing a T-shirt that exposes her mid-section when she skips rope.

2. So long flavoured tobacco: Nova Scotia’s health minister will be speaking about the upcoming ban on flavoured tobacco in the province. The ban has already had complaints from tobacco companies, saying the province is out of line.

3. Goodbye Tampon Tax: The federal government has announced its Excise Tax Act will no longer consider these feminine hygiene products a taxable “luxury,” marking a victory for the NDP MP who championed the change.

4. Arctic Exercise: NORAD fighter jets are practising intercepting flights over Arctic airspace this week. It’s in response to Russian military flights to the edges of North American airspace that have hit a frequency not seen since the Cold War.

5. Old Fossils: A Calgary creationist says the fascinating fish fossils he found while digging date back around 4,300 year to shortly before the Great Flood in the Bible. A paleontologist thinks they’re closer to 60 million years old.

And one more thing for Flashback Friday:

Soviet Union leader and reformer Mikhail Gorbachev paid a historic visit to Canada on this day in 1990, where he met with then-prime minister Brian Mulroney before heading to Washington.

Mulroney and Gorbachev