TORONTO -- COVID-19 restrictions vary by region across Canada, truckers will not be exempted from a new vaccine mandate, and a judge is set to decide if the suspect in the Wisconsin parade crash will stand trial. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

1. COVID-19 restrictions: Some areas of the country are easing pandemic restrictions while others are tightening them depending on their officials’ perceptions of whether the COVID-19 curve is flattening or has yet to peak

2. Trucker rules: The federal government says that unvaccinated Canadians will not be exempted from the new federal vaccine mandate for truck drivers coming into effect this weekend. 

3. Ending the pandemic: Canada must help lead vaccination efforts abroad in order to prevent the next dangerous variant and truly end the pandemic, one epidemiologist says. 

4. Christmas parade crash: A judge is set to decide Friday whether a Milwaukee man accused of plowing his SUV through a Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring dozens more, will stand trial for murder. 

5. Corporate taxes: Canada’s corporations have already earned enough revenue this year to pay off their 2022 taxes, according to a new report. 

One more thing…

KN95 or KF94: Experts are once again driving home the importance of wearing a properly fitted medical-grade mask to prevent transmission of COVID-19. But what’s the difference between the different masks on the market?  

N95 mask