TORONTO - A Toronto mother says she was horrified and watched her young daughter closely for any signs of sickness after finding an "eyeball" in a package of sliced watermelon.

Carly Jones spotted the gruesome-looking object on Monday while preparing a snack for her 14-month-old daughter.

"I was going to slice up some watermelon for my daughter, what we thought was a seed slipped out from underneath one of the watermelon slices and revealed itself as ... an eyeball," Jones said.

The family had already eaten about half of the contents of the package.

The concerned mom posted pictures of the "eyeball" on a blog called What the Beans? that she writes under the name Carlyjay.

Jones said she took the package back to the store immediately, and after "visibly recoiling from the eyeball," which Jones described as having a "cornea and an iris," the manager on duty offered her a $25 gift card.

"At that point they actually thought it was an eye ... they went around and looked in their butcher section," Jones said.

"According to the customer service girl, the manager at the time said that he thought it looked like a human eye."

Jones also went to a message board asking what kind of eye she had found.

"I pretty much wanted to vomit in every corner of the house," she said in the post describing her find.

Replies ranged from suggestions of seeds and beans to a guess that it was a "roach egg case."

"Big blueberry, split by a knife/cutter, and worse for wear after sitting around for a while," another poster replied.

While the mystery object would indeed turn out to be a blueberry, Jones called police on the advice of friends who also said it looked like an eye.

"The police came to my house today while I was at work and spoke to my husband about it," she said Tuesday evening.

"The police took it to a doctor who said it was not an eye," she added.

"They didn't do any tests ... they just eyeballed it."

Their best guess was that it was a piece of decomposing fruit, she said.

A spokeswoman for the store where the fruit was purchased said it had been identified as a dried-up blueberry.

"This is both incredibly relieving and terribly embarrassing," Jones said, who added watermelon is now off the menu in her household.

"I don't think I'll be eating it for a long time."