TORONTO - Writers who penned episodes for the TV shows "Stargate Universe" and "Less Than Kind" -- and the script for the upcoming movie "The Trotsky" -- were celebrated Monday at the 14th Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards.

The "Stargate Universe" episode "Time," written by Robert C. Cooper, won for best one-hour TV show, while "Less Than Kind"'s "The Daters," written by Garry Campbell, won for best half-hour series.

Jacob Tierney won the best feature film prize for the upcoming movie "The Trotsky," which he also directs. John Krizanc, meanwhile, won the best movie of the week and miniseries category for "The Summit."

Kate Barris was recognized for her work on "Max Says Goodbye," an instalment of the kids' show "Max and Ruby," while "This Hour Has 22 Minutes XVII" "Episode 6" won the variety category.