A tornado touched down in the Alberta town of Vulcan on Tuesday evening, part of a spell of wicked weather that caused widespread damage southeast of Calgary.

Vulcan, located 120 kilometres from Calgary, was part of the wide swath of territory hit by the fierce summer storm.

The tornado, which included wind speeds between 117 and 180 kilometres per hour, touched down about 4.5 kilometres east of Vulcan at about 5 p.m., Environment Canada confirmed.

No one reported injuries, but the twister uprooted two grain cylinders that had been anchored in concrete on a farm outside the town.

The farm's owner, Terry Schierman, told CTV Calgary he saw the storm heading in his direction and drove home as quickly as possible to secure his equipment and make sure his family was inside.

Schierman said he had no idea the twister had ripped up his silos until his son came home later and told him what happened.

A second storm cell touched down at about 6:30 p.m. in Taber, 145 kilometres southeast of Vulcan, uprooting large trees.

From there, the storm continued another 150 kilometres east toward Irvine, causing damage to buildings including an airport hangar. Multiple mobile homes were overturned.

Hammering rain, hail and winds caused a gas leak in the town of Bow Island, located between Taber and Irvine. The leak was contained by late Tuesday night, according to the RCMP. The winds knocked trees onto houses in nearby Burdett.

Police instructed members of both communities to stay inside their homes for the duration of the storm, partially due to the danger caused by numerous downed power lines.

More thunderstorms are expected on Wednesday.

With a report by CTV Calgary