After Wednesday night's Top 6 performance, Canada voted a record breaking three million times. At the end of a dramatic and emotional show, host Leah Miller told Lisa and Izaak that their 'Dance' journey was over.

A Stompin' Stepdance

The Top 6 kicked off the show with Tr� Armstrong's high-energy step dance number. The girls started on stage decked out in wild outfits in bright colours. The guys, however, started up on the catwalk wearing suspenders, collared shirts and thick glasses.

The guys joined the girls in rhythmic duets, using the sound of their feet on the floor along with clapping and using their hands percussively against their thighs.

Soon, the boys lost their glasses and got even more into the movement. Near the end of the routine, the girls ripped the collared shirts off the guys, leaving them with mesh shirts to finish the piece.

After the dancers headed off stage, Leah reminded the audience that the Top 10 would be touring 15 Canadian cities in the New Year. She then introduced the judges Tr� Armstrong and Jean Marc Genereux, with special guest judges, Mary Murphy and Sean Cheesman.

Solos: Girls

Lisa performed first in a sexy black outfit and green head scarf. With fast footwork, she got the crowd going with her sexy, energetic number.

Next up, Natalli took to the stage in a pink bangle-covered skirt and metallic high heels. She showed off her fast hip movements and ended her routine in the splits.

Allie performed last in matching red pointe shoes and a 1940s style red hat. She performed her contemporary ballet number with pirouettes and fouett�s.

Solos: Guys

First up, Miles performed a funk-inspired freestyle routine in a white cap and grey hoodie. He wowed the crowd with smooth footwork. "I feel good," he said afterwards.

Izaak performed his contemporary routine next and started with a white mask and burgundy pants. It was angst-filled, with angular arms and large jumps.

Nico painted his torso with words taken from the tattoo on his forearm. He performed a contemporary solo with sharp arm movements and passionate conclusion that took him to the floor.

Canada's Decision: The Girls

All three girls were anxious standing with Leah on the stage. They watched the highlights for their solos and duets. Leah called their performances tremendous.

The girls held hands and waited to hear the verdict. Lisa was Sean's favourite dancer and Natalli and Allie were Mary's favourites.

Natalli made it into the Top 4 and between Allie and Lisa, Lisa would be heading home. Lisa gave Allie and Leah big hugs as the rest of the dancers cheered her on.

"This time has been so amazing," she said, holding it together. "It's okay," she repeated before watching the highlights of her time on the show. "I feel honoured and blessed," she said as the audience gave her a standing ovation.

"Oh my God, it's amazing. I don't want to get off this stage," she said to enormous applause.

"You came as a great dancer and you leave as a greater dancer," Jean Marc said emotionally.

Canada's Decision: The Guys

The guys took to the stage next and awaited their fate. They stood with their arms around each other and watched the highlights from Wednesday's show.

Nico made it to the Top 4 and left Miles and Izaak on stage. Miles made it through to the Finale and Izaak would be heading home. "This is the first week I haven't cried on national television," Izaak said afterwards. "There are some pretty awesome people over there," he said about his competitors.

"You should be very happy. You've come so far already," Tr� said.

Judges' Final Words

"Those two are amazing," Jean Marc said, calling them true professionals. "I've seen you both transform and do miraculous things," Tr� added. Sean encouraged Izaak to run to an acting class and promised to bring Lisa to London.

All four judges and the entire audience cheered on Lisa and Izaak, supporting them as they said tearful goodbyes.

Tune in next Wednesday to see your Top 4 perform for the chance to be crowned Canada's favourite dancer!