VANCOUVER - The Teflon roof that covers B.C. Place stadium was reinflated Friday, two weeks after it collapsed leaving the downtown Vancouver skyline with a huge hole.

Stadium general manager Howard Crosley said the roof looked to be in good condition.

"Overall we are pleased with the reinflation process," Crosley said.

Crosley said engineers and the roof's manufacturer were doing a full inspection.

He said the 60,000-seat stadium is booked for events for the next four months, beginning with and landscaping shows next Tuesday.

The stadium, which describes itself as the world's largest air supported domed stadium, is the home of the CFL's B.C. Lions and hosts many trade and consumer shows. It will host the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Games.

B.C. Place workers started reinflating the roof by pumping excess water from it.

Staff then turned on 11 fans, one at a time staged over 15-second intervals, B.C. Place said.

Thirty riggers inspected the roof looking for small tears or kinks in the cabling.

Then the panels were inflated, starting with the rectangular side panels.

Once the roof was inflated fan pressure was reduced.

Two weeks ago, B.C. Place deflated the roof after a tear appeared in a panel. An engineering report blamed high wind and human error for the roof's collapse.

A B.C. Place employee increased the pressure on the roof after staff noticed it was slightly inverted during a heavy wind and sleet storm. At the same time, another person turned on an additional eight fans.

The combination of both actions meant there was three times more pressure on the roof than there was supposed to be, engineer Kris Hamilton has said.

VANOC issued a statement congratulating B.C. Place management, engineers and crews "for their professional and tireless efforts to repair the roof and we commend them for their commitment to communicating publicly and with their partners every step of the way.

"Lifetime memories will be made for athletes and spectators at the 2010 Winter Games ceremonies and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the stadium's entire team as we prepare to welcome the world in 2010," said the statement by Terry Wright, VANOC's executive vice-president, service operations and ceremonies.