Hitmaker Taylor Swift met up with a Toronto-area superfan in New York City over the weekend after she saw the webpage he runs that is dedicated to the pop superstar.

Jacob Thomas, 15, of Aurora, Ont., runs a webpage on Tumblr that focuses on all things Swift, from fashion choices to music videos.

In an interview on CTV's Canada AM on Monday, Thomas said he became a Swift fan not only for her music but because of the way she treats her fans.

"She just really cares about her fans and what she does with her fame," Thomas told CTV's Canada AM on Monday.

"I've been obsessed with her for so long."

At the end of November he posted a video to Tumblr and YouTube about Swift's new album, which he called "How to listen to 1989 (song by song, for beginners)."

The three minute video shows Thomas lip-syncing parts of the songs on the "1989" album, sometimes wearing pink lipstick and a blond wig. In other parts of the video, he's dancing with a small white dog, hiding under the covers and peeking out from behind a curtain. 

Swift saw his post, shared it with her followers and wrote back: "Jacob I am not joking about this. We need to be best friends because I need this kind of excellence in my life. Gonna track you down when we come to Canada. So obsessed with you."

Swift's management team contacted Thomas, and passed his contact info on to Swift, who called him on his cellphone to invite him to New York City to meet her in person.

Swift's team provided Thomas and his family with tickets to the Jingle Ball concert and a meet and greet on Dec. 12, as well as plane tickets, a hotel , a rental car and a camera.

Swift read several posts about mozzarella sticks on his Tumblr page, so she had room service deliver his favourite food to the hotel room.

"It didn't even feel like it was a real thing that was happening," Thomas said. At the meet and greet, Thomas said Swift recognized him right away and called him by name. The entire night was a blur, he said.

Swift and Thomas talked about the concert

"It was a dream come true," his mother Sherri said Monday. "There just aren't words to describe how special she made this day."