TORONTO -- Montreal rocker Sam Roberts seized the opportunity to perform at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, and he says it profoundly deepened his appreciation for the Olympics.

On Saturday, the multiple Juno Award winner will premiere the new Olympic-themed song "Broken Teeth" during CBC-TV's coverage of the Sochi Games -- and he explains that it was the Vancouver experience of four years ago that allows him to appreciate just what a big deal that is.

"To actually feel the spirit of it, the communion of it, left a really big mark on myself and my bandmates," he said.

"That's why to have a song in it now, I feel like I understand it better and why it's important to be involved in some way."

With his track about to premiere, Roberts talked to The Canadian Press about all things Olympics.

CP: What's your favourite Olympic memory?

Roberts: Man, it was Ben Johnson and then... 1/8trails off 3/8. The hockey from 2010. Just being at 2010 for me was the first time I've ever taken part in the Olympics in my own way, the unknown musical division of the Olympic Games. We've been to Vancouver so many times but I've never seen the city like that before. And I've been back since and you can feel that it's changed the place in a way.

CP: What's your earliest Olympic memory?

Roberts: Just watching the Russians play Canada in the hockey. And I loved watching Steve Podborski ski. I was always really into skiing. The downhill. That was my favourite thing.

CP: If you had to compete, what sport would you choose?

Roberts: I think I would be more into the luge range. I love hockey but I clearly don't have the dimensions for it. But a luger? Maybe. Perhaps.

CP: What's your go-to workout music?

Roberts: Workout? If I worked out... I don't. I don't. I don't. (Laughs) Listen, when I start working out, I'll retroactively respond to that question.

CP: What event were you most looking forward to at these Games?

Roberts: I'm not going to say hockey because everyone looks forward to hockey. That goes without saying. The figure skating. It's devastatingly suspenseful. Just in general, to watch them do that under that much pressure. And there's always the judging controversy. It's just such a strange, subjective sport in so many ways. It's always sort of the pinnacle. We'll see who will be crowned king and queen.