Angry Americans were back at it on Friday, heaping scorn on their northern neighbours after the Canadian men’s hockey team beat the U.S. team in the semi-final match at the Sochi Olympics.

Avert your eyes if the indignant use of profanity offends you but… on Friday afternoon, the hashtag #F***Canada was trending again on Twitter.

The same thing happened Thursday when the Canadian women's hockey team came from behind to initially tie up the final game, then beat Team USA for the gold in overtime.

One tweet from @5OClockShadow_ , shortly after the men’s victory on Friday afternoon, mocked Canada for its slower road to independence: “American independence in 1776 > Canadian Independence in 1982…and then technically 2004 #F***Canada.”

While @5OClockShadow_ is definitely right that Canada repatriated its constitution nearly 32 years ago, we’re not sure what that “2004,” reference is.

Another user, @c2etalon, informed the Twitterverse that some Americans were even taking their anger out on the environment: “My business partner is cutting all his maple trees down in his yard. #f***canada.”

A tweet from @J_Queen226 took aim at our pork industry: “At the end of the day our bacon is better. #f***Canada.”

There were, of course, users who entirely relied on some of the most played out Canadian stereotypes. One tweet from @cam_holl16 read: “I’m never wearing plaid again or eating maple syrup or being nice to people #f***Canada.”

Twitter user @schuch20 was quite direct in his disdain for Canada’s win, tweeting: “In all seriousness I hope Sweden wins by 7 goals on Sunday #f***canada AYE.”

And then there were those who simply used the #f***Canada hashtag to release some bottled-up anger.

“I don’t even like hockey, but I’m on team #F***Canada,” wrote @dillydiesel89.

Canada fights back

Canadian Twitter users, however, didn’t take the abuse lying down, tweeting back at their American counterparts with trademark Canadian humour.

@_AustinGallant wrote: “Wow #f***Canada is trending? Ouch that hurts, gonna go see my doctor for free.”

And @sarahbuehner proposed that maybe everyone was just a little confused: “Maybe the hashtag is meant to be used like: holy #f***Canada is the best country ever.”

While Friday’s Twitter war was certainly entertaining, some of the most intense #F***Canada tweets came after the U.S. women’s hockey team lost to Canada on Thursday.

A tweet from user @_Kalls read after the game read: "If you aren't upset about this game, you can just go ahead and pack your bags and move to Canada because we don't want you. #USA #F***Canada"

That one earned plenty of "favorites" and retweets – and some fairly angry replies.

And ‏@KevinTurley vowed to take out his anger on his pancakes: “Just threw out all of the MAPLE syrup in my house #f***canada”

Harper-Obama rivalry

Even Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama got in on the rivalry, albeit on more friendly terms. Following the Canadian men’s 1-0 win over the U.S. in the semifinals Friday afternoon, Obama now owes Harper two cases of beer.

The pair bet two cases of suds – one for each Canada-U.S. Olympic hockey matchup – at the leaders’ summit in Mexico this week.

And, if Twitter users have anything to say about it, pop star Justin Bieber will be staying south of the border after the hashtag #LoserKeepsBieber cropped up ahead of the U.S. men’s defeat.

But at least one bar owner in New York State was taking out some early revenge.. on Canadian beer. The owner of the Amherst Ale House tweeted Thursday night that it won’t be serving any Canadian beers during the men’s semifinal game.

“This is a patriotic matter, thanks for your understanding,” the bar wrote.