With less than two weeks to go until competition gets underway in Russia, our reporters on the ground in Sochi have been looking ahead with stories setting up the Games.

Aside from the major stories dominating headlines, there are some other unusual things they've seen in Sochi.

1. Palm trees

Palm trees Sochi

It wouldn't be the Winter Games without...palm trees. The mercury was expected to hit 17 C on Monday,

On the upside - when it snows, it really comes down. A snowstorm could last for two or three days and cause problems for transportation and trail grooming. They call them “Snow Cyclones” in this part of the world.

Photo: Joy Malbon/CTV News


2. Sochi Park's roller coaster

Sochi Park

If the excitement of competing for medals isn't enough, athletes and tourists alike can go for rides aboard a roller coaster in the new amusement park built for the Games - Sochi Park.

Highlights include a "Giant Dragon Wall" and "Science Fiction Gate." Theming and Animatronics Industries, the company building the park, says more than 370 palettes of concrete were shipped across the Black Sea to Sochi to construct it.

Check out more photos of the facility on TAA's Facebook page.

Photo: Joy Malbon/CTV News

3. Unfinished venues

Sochi construction

You see a lot of this. Unfinished construction around the Adler venues. With two weeks to go, will they be ready? Read more about the 4 biggest problems facing the Sochi Games.

Photo: Joy Malbon/CTV News

4. Crews planting fresh flowers

Sochi flowers

It's so warm in Sochi, crews are planting flowers next to the Adler Arena Skating Center.

Photo: Joy Malbon/CTV News

5. Warm sunsets

Sochi sunset

Here's the Black Sea sunset, snapped in the subtropical climate of Sochi on the site of what many expect will be the warmest Winter Olympics.

Photo: Joy Malbon/CTV News