Sochi is a city still under major construction on Monday. Unfinished work projects were further complicated when a water main burst, knocking out water for a whole chunk of the city – including the hotel where the CTV News team is staying.

At least we have power since we work where we sleep when on the road! Come to think of it, we’re lucky we have rooms.

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Stephane editing content for tonight's show from our hotel room. We had no running water, but fortunately we have power!

Hundreds of journalists arrived from around the world today only to find their hotels are not ready to receive guests yet – four days before the games begin.

It’s never good to upset the people covering your event - the longer reporters are without water and a place to sleep, the grumpier their copy becomes.

On the bright side, we had a great chat with Jean-Luc Brassard today (four-time Olympian, won gold in Lillehammer ’94).

He’s the Assistant Chef de Mission for Team Canada and such a perfect fit for the job.

He knows exactly how to guide young Olympians through, what must be, one of the most stressful experiences of their lives – you train for something forever and it can be over in five minutes flat.


Doing our interview by the Black Sea in Sochi on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)

He had plenty to say about the Games and how the team is staying focused. We’ll air that “beach side” interview tonight on CTV National News.

I also spoke to Mark Tewksbury – Chef de Mission during the London Games. We talked about the anti-gay policies here in Russia and the risk Canada’s gay athletes take in speaking out.

We have so many interesting stories coming up tonight I wish we had more time!

(Our waterless hotel won’t be one of them, but crews finally restored water after 14 hours)

Sochi watermain

Crews dig down to restore water in Sochi after a pipe broke.

We may have had to resort to doing a polar bear swim in the Black Sea if the water outage continued.

Anyway, hope you’ll tune in tonight!

- Lisa