Canadian short-track speedskater Charles Hamelin has a secret weapon in Sochi that could put him on the podium: a new skin suit.

It’s the latest in high-tech clothing for speedskaters, designed to reduce air friction as Hamelin propels himself to the finish line.

“We just received it a few days before we left Montreal, and they told us the skin suit is the fastest we’ve had in the last four years,” Hamelin told CTV News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme.

Hamelin is considered to be one of Canada’s top hopes for gold in Sochi. At the Vancouver Games, he won gold twice, topping the podium in the 500 metres and 5,000-metre relay.

“If I could do the same thing in Vancouver, it would be great,” he said. “If I could win the 500 metres, I would be the first male winning that in two Olympics in a row, so that would be pretty amazing. And we have the team to win the relay.”

If he seems confident, he has good reason. Over his lifetime, Hamelin has won more than 100 World Cup medals.

“With the results we have this year, with everything we do on the ice this season, we can’t be more confident than that,” he said.