CTV News obtained new information Tuesday night about the so-called mystery woman in the Ryan Jenkins investigation.

Multiple sources tell CTV that RCMP is talking to Ryan Jenkins' younger half-sister.

She has been identified as Alena Jenkins. She is a model and runs a photography business. According to her website, she grew up in Vancouver and still lives there.

We've learned investigators are talking to Alena Jenkins to determine whether she knows anything about how her older brother ended up in Hope, British Columbia last Thursday.

Ryan Jenkins had been on the run for just over a week.

He was the sole suspect in the brutal murder of his ex-wife Jasmine Fiore in California.

CTV News also discovered on Tuesday a silver PT Cruiser with an Alberta licence plate parked at the Coal Harbour condominium in Vancouver where an "A.Jenkins" is listed as living.

CTV News had been informed police were at the building on Tuesday.

A car with a description matching that one was spotted outside the Thunderbird Motel in Hope.

The motel manager says a young pretty blond woman was behind the wheel and a man was sitting inside.

She paid cash for a three day stay for him, left and didn't return.

32 year-old Ryan Jenkins, a former realtor in Calgary was found hanging in one of the rooms three days later.

RCMP have not revealed the identity of the woman who was seen driving the PT Cruiser in Hope. They do say they know who she is and where she is.

CTV News tried making contact with Alena Jenkins, but so far she has not returned any calls.