CALGARY - Calgary police say they've arrested four men from Quebec after finding equipment related to debit and credit card skimming.

Police say they searched an illegally parked car and found three PIN pads used in retails stores, and the pads showed signs of tampering.

Three men in the vehicle were taken into custody and police obtained warrants to search two suites at a hotel in northeast Calgary.

Police say they found a "large amount" of evidence relating to the installation of skimming equipment.

Electronic data storage devices, 30 computer memory chips and gel pads, as well as credit cards and $4,000 cash were also seized as part of the investigation.

Fadl Nasser, 19, Elias Capro, 29, Marc Abaskharoun, 22, and Mohand Seghir Kaddour, 29, are each charged with one count of possession of instruments for forging or falsifying credit cards.