Everyone dreams of doing something different on their summer vacation. Ontario resident Greg Mountenay turned that dream into a reality this year.

The 23-year-old who grew up outside of Ottawa took a month-long road trip recently to visit more than 300 of his Facebook friends in Canada.

“It was quite an adventure,” Mountenay said on Monday on CTV’s Canada AM.

“My motivation was based on reconnecting with people. I used this trip as a friendship-building experience,” Mountenay said.

Mountenay launched his “Great Canadian Road Trip 2.0” on July 11 in Peterborough, Ont., where he attended Trent University and graduated with a degree in French literature in 2011.

His social media-inspired road trip ended in mid-August.

During that time, Mountenay travelled 16,000 km from Halifax, N.S.  to Victoria, B.C. and cities in between to visit with his Facebook pals.

His trip highlights included a helicopter ride in Edmonton, Alta. with his Facebook friends in that city.

Mountenay also took a ghost tour in Halifax and saw the whales swim in Vancouver with his Facebook buddies.

“There were so many surprises to see,” said Mountenay, who is about to start his career as a teacher.

“I climbed mountains. I drove through clouds and saw whales,” added Mountenay, who made this journey with the support of Canadian Tire.

The Canadian retail company provided much of the equipment Mountenay took on this journey, including a tent, GPS system and barbecue.

In the end, seeing the country and his Facebook friends has given Mountenay a new appreciation for Canada and the connective power of social media.

“I’ll have plenty of stories to tell my students when I start teaching,” Mountenay said.