Attention students across the country... whether you're in big-city high schools in Toronto or Vancouver, or in cozier communities like Corner Brook, N.L. or Ladysmith, B.C.: We Need Your Help.

Take out your iPhones, flipcams, go pros, WHATEVER you like, turn the camera on you or your friends -- and talk to us.

You are saying goodbye to high school... And officially becoming an adult. Are you scared? Excited?.. Is there a song that sums up your feelings? Sing it!

We want to see you, hear you and we want to put YOU, yes YOU, on television.

Here's how.

Simply upload your video here:

And make sure to mark your videos as 'Class of 2012'. If you'd rather tweet a link to video that you've already uploaded, address it to me at @DHamamdjian.

Share anything with us, but there are a few specific questions we'd like you to answer:

You're entering the "real world" … What do you fear most? How ready are you?

What would you like your contribution to be to the future?

What is your goal, what do you want to be?

Looking back on your high school years, what are your fondest memories? Regrets?

We'll compile your great video submissions and put them on air at the end of the month on CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme.

Thanks everyone!