Time is always short during the busy holiday season. But, that doesn't have to short change your entrance at big holiday parties.

"People think it is impossible to achieve a glamorous beauty look in only five minutes. But, it is possible," says Eddie Maleterre, L'Or�al Paris' Official Makeup Artist.

Ditto for flawless-looking holiday hair.

The five-minute party makeover begins with your morning beauty routine.

"Whether it's your hair or makeup, prep them properly in the morning and you'll have the base you need to get to that holiday party in style," says Eric Del Monaco, L'Or�al Paris' Official Hair Artist.


Before you leave for work, take a clear makeup bag and fill it with these seven products: concealer, mascara, an illuminating face powder, eyeshadow, a blush, a makeup brush and one lipstick.

"With these seven products you can do something beautiful even when in an office bathroom,' says Maleterre.

To make the application process really fast, lay out your products on the bathroom counter in the order that you will use them.

"I do this all the time," says Maleterre. "It's great because you won't have to rummage through your purse. Everything is right there in front of you."

To freshen up your foundation, use a touch of concealer to correct any flaws and dust with a sheer powder.

Next, intensify those eyes.

"Build up your eyeshadow until you get a nice, smoky look. Add two coats of mascara and fan the brush outward to get that beautiful, long-lash look," says Maleterre.

Dust on a neutral-toned blush. Apply two coats of lipstick and lightly dust with powder to make the colour last.

Dab a hint of gloss to make lips look fuller and you're out the door!


The loose, modern updo is a hot holiday essential this season. To do it right, start in the morning when you prep your hair for work.

"After you wash and dry your hair, wear it in a loose chignon or a ponytail for the day," says Del Monaco.

After work, run into the bathroom, shake hair loose and give it a light mist of hairspray.

Rub a little paste or wax onto your hands and finger brush the hair. Spread the product evenly through the hair and make a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck.

"What you want to do next is randomly start pinning loose curls up in the nape area until you get the look you want" says Del Monaco. "The paste or wax will give the hair a nice, textured look."

Finally, add a decorative hairpin and a final spritz of hairspray to boom! You're done.

As Del Monaco says, "You'll be amazed at the results you get in so little time."