FREDERICTON - New Brunswick Liberals have chosen former finance minister Victor Boudreau as their interim leader.

He was selected by the party caucus after Shawn Graham quit as leader Tuesday.

Boudreau has been a member of the legislature since 2004 and has fulfilled a number of roles in cabinet.

He said his immediate priority is to form a strong Opposition for the fall session of the legislature, which begins Nov. 23.

"It's important to keep David Alward's government to task, to make sure they fulfil the numerous promises that they've made and to make sure they are open and transparent like they promised they would be," he said Wednesday.

Boudreau said some of the Tory promises, such as a three-year freeze on power rates, should never have been made.

"We've said all along we find that irresponsible, but at the same time (Alward) did promise it. And as premier, he got elected based on those promises," Boudreau said. "Now he either has to keep those promises or have very good reasons why not to."

The Liberals were defeated in the provincial election in September and now hold 13 seats in the 55-member legislature.

Boudreau said he will also try to rebuild the party.

He said he will not seek the permanent job as leader, adding that he has a young family and the job requires more time and effort than he's willing to commit.

No date has been set for a leadership convention, but Boudreau said it could be at least a year from now.