If you are on the scene of breaking news and capture it with your mobile device, share your pictures or video with MyNews.

Important Notice for MyNews Community Members:

Our My News community has been an important part of for many years now. Over that time, we’ve experimented with different ways to deliver the best experience to our dedicated users. The photos and video you provide are often critical to our work telling stories. And your contributions to CTV News will continue to be essential to our coverage. That’s why we’re taking a different approach to My News.

Going forward, we’re adding a simple upload tool to all of the stories that cry out for content from citizen journalists. As of July 2nd, you’ll be able to upload your photos and video while you’re in a news story. You’ll also be able to upload content directly from our home page. This means you’ll be one click away from sharing your stories, instead of many clicks away from a separate, My News section on In this way, we hope to encourage even more of our visitors to share news content on the site.

This transition means that the My News section of will no longer exist in favour of our new, simpler and fully-integrated My News upload tool. It also means that assignments, user profiles and our leaderboard will no longer be available. Instead of featuring citizen journalism in a distinct and separate community, we hope to give your content a higher profile throughout in all of our coverage.

Thank you so much for being part of the My News community. We hope you’ll continue to share your stories with us and think of CTV News as your most trusted news source.