Mark Wahlberg wants to build a business for his children.

The 39-year-old star is proud of all his acting accomplishments but has revealed the motivation behind him starting his own production company Leverage is because he wants a venture that is for him and his family.

The screen hunk is married to model Rhea Durham and the couple have four children together, Ella Rae, seven, Michael, four, Brendan Joseph, two, and 10-month-old Grace Margaret, and are expecting their fifth child next year.

In an interview in the December issue of Men's Health magazine, he said: "A career is nice, but I want to build a business . It's one thing to have a career, waking up everyday thinking, 'OK, what's the next job?' But I want to build something that can last forever, something that my kids could venture into if they were interested. I'm in a unique position of doing things that I can be very proud of and excited about. I might as well take advantage of that now because it definitely might not exist later."

Perhaps Mark's motivation for building a business is that he is approaching his 40th birthday -- something he admits is on his mind.

The screen star -- who is also a major shareholder in bottled sports water company Aquahydrate -- said: "I think about 40 every once in a while. Especially as I am working like a psychopath right now . But my life has evolved so drastically over the years in every aspect. I embrace it."