We all know that bulb planting time is in the fall.  But few of us take advantage of the great flower show that can be achieved using bulbs in pots. 

I like to choreograph a pot full of colourful bulbs. To do this, take a large clay pot and fill it three-quarters full of potting soil. Then plant standard Darwin tulips. 

Once that is done about 6 cm of soil to the pot and then plant narcissus. Follow this up by adding 5 cm of soil and a crocus bulb.  A final layer of 2 cm of soil is next, as well as the addition of some blue bells.  To finish off, add a final layer of about 2 cm of quality soil to the pot. 

You now have a layered bulb planter that will provide a sequence of colour and fragrance, beginning with the blue bells -- the smallest, earliest flowers that will bloom.  You will amaze yourself at how gorgeous this pot can look come late winter/early spring.

Place the pot in a cold place, but avoid freezing temperature -- you do not want to crack the pot! 

When you see green sprouts pushing through the surface of the soil bring the pot up into warmer temperatures and watch it bloom!

Mark Cullen