A Manitoba teen will soon set off for a seven day trip to the Caribbean island of St. Croix after hula-hooping her way into the international limelight.

Christina Munchinsky, 17, recently won a contest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show segment “Ellen, Here’s My Talent,” by spinning 70 hula hoops at the same time.

“It weighed about 35 pounds altogether, so it gets pretty tough,” Munchinsky told CTV’s Canada AM in an interview Wednesday.

Munchinsky said she’s been hula hooping since she was five years old, and entered the contest with a video she uploaded to YouTube, which shows her spinning hula hoops while upside down, on a unicycle, and using a massive inflatable tire in place of a hula hoop.

On her Facebook page, under the username “Christina The Crazy Hooper,” Munchinsky describes herself as an entertainer and performer, and says she’s available for bookings at community fairs, school assemblies, and birthday parties, as well as community and corporate events.

But she doesn’t often have the opportunity to win big.

“There aren’t many competitions I’m applicable for because there’s not much about hula hooping,” she told Canada AM.

The experience of being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” she said.

“Everyone was great and it was super fun.”

But Munchinsky wasn’t the only who managed the grab the spotlight last week. Her brother Luke made an appearance on the show, standing in front of her and nodding his head with his arms crossed.

“I wanted to get in on it,” he said. “I figured I could ride Christina’s coattails to the top, and it worked pretty well.”

Munchinsky beat out two other contestants for the free Caribbean vacation. One contestant played music with bells sewn to her clothes, while the other woman quacked like a duck to symphony music.