If you're looking for a ski adventure in Canada, check out British Columbia's Powder Highway.  It links together eight mountain resorts including Fernie, Kimberley, whitewater and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, and four mountain ranges.

Their close proximity along the highway makes it easy to experience a wide variety of terrain and après-ski experiences within a relatively short drive of each other.  

Last week I was lucky enough to check out Kicking Horse in person and get a lesson in "steeps and deeps," with the director of the resort's ski school Will Comrie. The deep part did prove to be tough, but falling in powder is not so bad! I certainly would recommend a lesson for anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of conquering skiing powder. Kicking Horse with its four Alpine Bowls and offering the Fourth Highest Vertical Drop in Canada has traditionally has been for "hard core skiers."   

However, that is changing.  In addition to an insanely scenic Green Run all the way from the summit down, they have recently added a new Kid Zone, sponsored by Telus, complete with a Magic Carpet lift for kids and snow tubing area. So families interested in checking it out, need not be intimidated.

One of the unique features of the resort is the Eagle's Eye Restaurant located at the summit (2,400 metres). For $2,000 you can stay overnight in one of the two guest suites.  Included in that price is overnight accommodation, two days of skiing, private ski lessons, a personal chef and butler and guaranteed first tracks. 

From the summit you get an incredible view of five of the six National Parks surrounding the Resort. If you don't want to pay the overnight price, you can enjoy a great meal and the stunning views by simply taking the gondola up and down the mountain. You can choose whether you ski down or not!

There is still time to book for this season, which ends in early April and lots of deals to be had. Check it out: