Summer vacation is almost here and with it comes the age old questions of...what and how to pack? According to each of us has a packing personality.

I think we do tend to organize ourselves when we travel a bit like we do when we are home. Admittedly I am a tad on the overly anal (or as I like to think...organized) side. I am known as a Holy Roller; my clothes are rolled to save space and avoid wrinkles. I like to have items separated and organized. I pack separate little bags to place within the larger suitcase for dirty clothes and even bring a plastic or waterproof bag for wet bathing suits and towels. It only makes sense!

What are the other personality types?

The Backpacker is that person who crams it in there in no order whatsoever, flies by the seat of their pants but probably saves a lot of time and worry on packing. I say good luck finding your plane ticket at the airport though!

The Over packer is the indecisive person who may not necessarily be messy but they can't make decisions on what they might want to wear and bring clothes and gear for every eventuality from horseback riding to golfing to fencing! These are the people that should be making a list ahead of time to help avoid that last minute "just in case" urge.

And of course there is the Carry On Connoisseur. This is the person who hates to check a bag. As our very own Jeff Hutcheson says, there are two types of bags; carry on and lost. There are people who are organized, practical and minimalistic. Keys are a small amount of versatile clothing and of course toiletries in mini size that don't exceed the allowable limits. I travel like this on short trips but for me my personal max is three nights. After that I like my hygiene products in regular size!

No matter what your personality, here are a few tips everyone should follow:

  1. Put important items such as medications in your carry on.
  2. Put a change of clothes or at least your bathing suit in your carry on or in your partner's suitcase in case your luggage is delayed or lost.
  3. Label your suitcase inside and out with your work address, avoid your home address for safety reasons.
  4. To avoid lost luggage; book a direct flight, don't check in late and remove old luggage tags.