Not sure what to get the globetrotter in your life this Christmas? Consider these travel-themed stocking stuffers.

Baja Books' Pocketsize Phrasebooks come in numerous languages including Spanish, Italian and Japanese. Small, light and easy to use for any loved ones who like to make friends as they explore new countries. $5.95 each.

Whether it's the jungle, beach or desert the Canadian-made Cool Scarf will keep you cool for 48 hours. Just soak it in clean cold water for 20 minutes. Polymer crystals hidden inside absorb the water and become a cooling gel. Available in numerous colours and designs for $18.00.

Spare Soles Portable Flats are for the ladies in your life who want a break from their heels whether in an airport, on the plane or at the hotel. They are compact and foldable and fit in the smallest of purses or pockets. Prices start at $13.00US.

Say goodbye to sharing just one set of earphones with Music Branches. This pocket-sized adaptor lets you connect up to three sets of earphones simultaneously, so you can share music, movies and more with your friends, whether in the car or on the plane. $15.00

Ideal for camping or picnicking, the GSI Nesting Wine Glass is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite glass of wine on the road. $12.99 each.

Want to avoid dry-cleaning bills on the road? Travel Essentials' Laundr' Pac includes detergent, laundry line and sink stopper for those who travel light but want to keep it fresh. $11.00.

Travelon's airline compliant toiletries come in sheets of 50 and can fit in your pocket. Just dissolve them in water and use them to shave, wash or do your laundry. Buy a set of two for $10.00.

And if you are looking for a larger Christmas gift, National Geographic's hard-sided luggage comes in colourful travel themed prints. You'll never have trouble spotting your bag again. The smaller 20 inch version costs $120 and the 24 inch is $140. National Geographic luggage is available at CAA stores, Sears and Bentley.

The other products mentioned can either be ordered on-line or check the website provided for a local retailer. I picked up most of these items at my favourite travel store in Toronto, The Travel Stop in Yorkville.