Remember winter 13/14?  For all of us across the country it was a long, cold one.  While we felt the effects of it indoors (central heating and all) your permanent garden plants felt the full brunt.  As a result many of them were burned on the south side (a result of sun reflecting off the snow), the east side (salt damage from 'salt drift' off a nearby road) or any other side (more salt damage?)

Now is the time to access the damage and get tough.  I have been busy in my 10 acre garden cutting back the dead and brown portions of mature trees and evergreens that have not yet healed themselves.  

While it is true: mother nature has incredibly powerful healing abilities, there comes a time when a good shake with a gloved hand and a trim using sharp, clean shears is just what the doctor ordered.  We have waited long enough for nature to fix the winter damage: now is the perfect time to finish the job.