Putting your lawn ‘to bed’ is not difficult. It is more about not cutting it and doing nothing more than anything. However, this IS the most important application of fertilizer for your lawn in the year.

I use a low nitrogen, slow release, high potash formula. This helps to build up the natural sugars at the root zone of your lawn to help it to survive the long cold Canada winter AND bounce back beautifully next spring. You can tell the difference come spring: who, on your street, fertilized and who did not! The greener ones did, of course.

Attention also needs to be paid to you equipment.

A reel type, walk behind mower needs attention this time of year. Oil it, sharpen it and tuck it away in a dry, clean place.

A gas powered mower should have the gas run dry, the oil in the crankcase changed and the old, dry grass in the cutting chamber reamed out and oil applied. Sharpen the blades and away you go. The same routine for electric powered mowers, minus the oil change.