As we wade into the early fall across the country, it is worth remembering that the perennials in your garden may perform better if you divided them now and planted the divisions around your yard.  Or you can give them away to friends and neighbours. 

For most of us, digging up an established hosta or peony is the easy part. It is slicing it into smaller portions that makes us stop and ask, “Is this really a good idea?”  and the answer is most always, "yes." 

The densely interconnected roots of monarda or rudbeckia are not hurt in any way when you slice through them with a sharp spade or shovel.  Likewise the thick, potato-like fleshy roots of a hosta are quite happy to be sliced into sections like a piece of pie and replanted around the yard in appropriate places.

You will find that a mature perennial that has been divided and replanted will pay big dividends in multiple plants/divisions over time. 

Make sure that you dig and divide your perennials only when the soil is damp and plant the divisions into well prepared holes with quality triple mix or professional planting soil. 

Next spring when they sprout through the ground you will be amazed at how well they perform in your garden and how natural they look in their new home.

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