New tech materials and designs mean every feature has a function and your clothes can actually enhance your workout.  Fitness attire has also crossed over into casual wear stepping beyond the gym into weekend wear and now even easing into business casual.  

With so much value in your fitness kit, you can feel good about splurging a bit!  Here are some suggestions for everyone on your list.

For the fit-loving females on your list there are great options that combine function and fashion and fit all your workouts from Yoga to boot camp. Try a few of the following:

  • jackets and hoodies - are always appreciated and make cozy treats
  • front zip tops - very versatile and available in so many styles and colours
  • black tights - the staple of the studio and always needed
  • bags - compartments and options set great bags apart!

Men's fit gifts tend to first focus on practical features, but now step way beyond traditional sweats. Great guy picks:

  • jackets - that take you from your bike, to the trails and hitting the high seas
  • warm up gear - that feels and looks good
  • compression gear - very hot now from prep to performance to recovery wear

For the kids on your list you want to combine fun and fitness.  Girls do get excited about clothes but you may have to opt for games and equipment for boys. Get kids active with:

  • Ivivva - the new lululemon line for girls with fit and function for dance, sport and more
  • active toys - balls, nets, skates, skis and anything that might inspire getting active or outside
  • active games - dance and active video options that get your kids moving

Stocking stuffers & quick, practical picks can add fun and inspiration for anyone on your list with endless options head to toe!  You can customize gifts to the unique interests of friends and family. For example:

  • Toeseze socks - with peekaboo and grip features for Yoga, Pilates and just feeling cool
  • ponytail hats - for all ages and pony tail lengths
  • headbands that are high tech, reversible and fun
  • gloves with sticky fingers so you can play with your ipod and keep your hands warm
  • Yoga mats made for your specific style and practice

Don't discount equipment.  Struggling for best fit and features?  Look for tools that offer more than one function and are great for the whole family.  Gadgets that work just the core are going to end up gathering dust after it doesn't get you that six-pack it promised in six week!  Some options with great value:

  • TRX - suspension training and can be modified for the beginner to competitive athlete
  • Bender Balls - always a personal favourite for core and more
  • Gliders - one of the best home torture tools
  • MP3's and music - a great way to add to inspiration for anyone

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