A Korean Air flight forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday at a Vancouver Island military base because of a bomb threat has resumed its journey to South Korea.

Korea Air spokeswoman Penny Pfaelzer said the plane departed CFB Comox Wednesday evening and was expected to refuel in Vancouver before flying to Seoul.

A thorough sweep of the Boeing 777 did not turn up any explosives.

"While the investigation is ongoing, I am not aware of any confirmed threat being found," RCMP Sgt. Rob Vermeulen said.

Police said someone had called in a bomb threat shortly after the jetliner, carrying 149 passengers and crew members, departed Vancouver International Airport for Seoul on Tuesday afternoon.

Two U.S. fighter jets were scrambled to escort the plane to CFB Comox on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

The passengers, who spent Wednesday morning waiting in a cafeteria, said they initially had no idea what was going on.

"The flight attendant won't give you any details of what is going on so you won't get panicked," one man told CTV News.

The pilot eventually announced that the plane was being diverted under military escort.

"I knew then it was a situation of a bomb threat. (That) was automatic to my mind," another passenger told CTV News.

Passengers said they were frisked and their luggage was searched on the tarmac.

Another Korea Air flight was delayed for two hours in Vancouver on Monday after the airline received a bomb threat. Police boarded the plane and determined that threat was not credible.

A spokesperson for the airline said the company has no idea who is behind the threats and why they're being made. Officials told CTV News they've ruled out a connection to North Korea's communist regime.

With a report from CTV Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife