Kate Moss is planning a new career as a farmer.

The supermodel is hoping to run her own farm from her country estate in the Cotswolds, in West-Central England, and has applied to her local council for permission to transform the surrounding land into a farmyard.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Kate has already converted part of her garden into a vegetable patch and she has submitted plans to convert three outbuildings.

“She loves the idea of keeping animals and wants an end to her partying lifestyle.

“It’s the perfect location as there’s plenty of space and when she’s not there, she’ll employ people to look after the animals.”

However, not all of Kate’s friends are enthusiastic about the move and many think the party-loving model won’t be happy with life in the country.

The source said: “Some of her friends have been making fun of her, nicknaming her Margot. They reckon someone who’s used to catwalks won’t want to be mucking out pig pens in the winter.

“But Kate’s stubborn and is determined to prove them wrong.”

This is not Kate’s first foray into country life.

The 36-year-old catwalk beauty who bought the Cotswolds estate five years ago recently attempted to set up a business selling homemade preserves after perfecting her own recipes.

Kate – whose eight-year-old daughter Lila Grace helps her make the jam - got hooked on making sweet preserves after finding hoards of damsons in her garden.

A friend said: "Kate bought a load of expensive equipment because she's always been keen on the idea of making jam.

"She has so much fruit on her land she wanted to put it to good use.”