Hilary Duff made her husband Mike Comrie take dancing lessons for their wedding reception.

The actress-and-singer – who married the Canadian hockey star in August -- forced him to take special lessons for their first dance to Benny King's "Stand By Me," before changing her mind because he dress was too tight to do a routine in.

Speaking to Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, she said: "I made Mike take a dance class, maybe two. He was so mad at me! He was like, ‘We're just gonna go knock it out -- we're gonna kill it. We don't need a dance class!'

"I'm like, ‘You need a dance class. You don't understand!' Then, on the day of the wedding, my dress is so tight that once we're making our way onto the floor and I'm like, ‘Hey - change of plans. We're just gonna sway back and forth like middle school days. No dancing.' And he's like, ‘You made me practice for four hours! I'm doing the dance!'

"We're having this full-on bickering fight before we go on and we're just smiling, and I'm like, ‘Don't turn me around!' "

Despite Mike's dance lessons being wasted, Hilary's sportsman spouse saw the funny side of her dilemma.

The ‘Cheaper by the Dozen' star also revealed her favourite part of the day was saying her vows, but admits she was trembling when she said them.

She revealed: "The best moment of our wedding was definitely standing there and saying our vows. It was so special -- I was shaking."