Much of Canada is still scorching under a heat wave on Sunday that's breaking records and leaving sweaty Canadians searching for relief.

Environment Canada predicts there will be above normal temperatures for most of the country this summer and even a reprieve from the soggy conditions in the West.

While central Canada, including Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, are sweltering, British Columbia and the Atlantic Provinces are being left in the cold.

The mercury is rising in Saskatchewan where temperatures are expected to reach highs in the mid-30s this week. In Montreal, a high of 32 C on Sunday prompted officials to release a heat and humidity warning.

In Toronto, a record-breaking high of 34.6 C was recorded at Pearson International Airport on Sunday afternoon and in Winnipeg, highs of at least 30 C are expected for the next seven days.

However, Vancouver was sitting at a balmy 19 C with showers and St. John's can look forward to a week of rain and a high of only 13 C on Wednesday.

In Ontario, several municipalities issued heat alerts this weekend. Humidex values are expected to reach 40 C from Windsor to the Ottawa Valley.

Health officials recommend drinking plenty of water, staying out of the sun, especially during the peak times of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and staying in air conditioned buildings.

"I think it's important on days like this to seek out the shade and hydrate and drink a lot of water," one man told CTV News Montreal. "That's what we've been doing."

Blocking the sun

Jeff Murdock, the vice president of Building Insight Technologies in Vancouver told CTV News Channel on Sunday that there are ways people can beat the heat in their homes.

"On a sunny day most of the heat that enters your home, enters your windows and skylights," he said. "So where ever possible folks should close blinds and drapes on the south and west sides of their house and that will reduce the amount of heat getting into their homes during the hottest part of the day."

He said it's also a good idea to shut off lights and appliances and to open windows at night to let the heat escape.

Heat wave hitting the U.S.

It's not only Canada feeling the heat this summer. In the United States, heat advisories and warnings are in place in 17 states with more sweaty days predicted.

Forecasters in Oklahoma City called for a high of 38 C on Sunday, which would be the 27th day this year that the city has reached at least that temperature.

With files from The Associated Press and CTV Montreal's Maya Johnson