The following is a statement released on Tuesday, Jan. 24 by the family of Sheila Nabb, 37, victim of a vicious beating while on vacation in Mexico.

Good morning.

I am Sheila's brother. My other sister, Kathy, and I have been closely following the news reports of our sister's tragic attack. All of the reports that our uncle, Robert Prosser, have supplied are correct, but we wanted to give an update to her condition.

Sheila was brought out of her medically induced coma yesterday afternoon. She recognized Andrew and his father, was responsive to questions, and was able to understand and follow directions. This is excellent news as it would appear that there is not any brain damage. She was also breathing on her own (through a tracheotomy) without the assistance of a ventilator. She was able to indicate that she felt some pain, but her jaw is wired shut so she was unable to communicate verbally.

Sheila is scheduled to undergo facial reconstructive surgery either Wednesday or Thursday based on the outcome of CT scans that will be performed today. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her, but we all know that Sheila will pull through this with the support of everyone she has ever met - and many that have never met her. Andrew's father told me last night that he was amazed at his son's disposition though this traumatic event and described Andrew as a "pillar". It just goes to show exactly how much he truly loves her.

A trust fund at TD Canada Trust has been set up to assist Sheila and Andrew with their expenses not covered by insurance. Account number - 6519124. Transit number - 8072. Donations can be made at any branch across Canada.

Our family wants to thank everyone who has offered their prayers and support though this trying event.


Paul Giles & Kathy Carmichael