OTTAWA - Nine members of the Canadian Forces are safe after their military aircraft caught fire at a base in the U.S.

The CC-130 Hercules was participating in a training exercise when it caught fire at the Naval Air Station in Key West, Fla.

Those on board made a successful emergency landing and fire crews put out the flames.

The military is describing damage to the aircraft as "extensive."

Lt-Col. Richard Pamplin, who command's the crew's squadron, says he's proud of the way those on board followed through on their training and got everyone out safely.

He adds that he's "relived" to confirm all those who were on board are safe and in good spirits.

The aircraft and crew are from 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron of 17 Wing Winnipeg.

They were providing air-to-air refuelling support for the training of new CF-18 fighter pilots from 4 Wing Cold Lake in Alberta.

An investigation has been launched to determined the cause of the blaze.