After enduring allegations and denials that she has been muzzled by her husband's campaign, Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's wife, Janine Krieber, says she is in fact a key member of her husband's team.

Dion always discusses policy ideas with his wife, often during very heated discussions, Krieber says.

"Even before our wedding, from the very first minute we have met, we've discussed politics, policies, political science," Krieber said Tuesday during an interview on Canada AM. "So that's the way we are together."

Krieber, an expert in terrorism issues, gave up her teaching career at the College Militaire Royal in St-Jean, Que. when her husband became Liberal Party leader.

Krieber has taken a backseat during the campaign, appearing at her husband's side at events but not granting interviews or giving speeches to the national media.

Last week, an assistant to the outspoken academic said Krieber was not allowed to do interviews on orders from Ottawa.

Political insiders have speculated that the Liberal campaign team does not want Krieber stealing the spotlight from her husband.

However, Krieber said Sunday that she has done many interviews with local media outlets across Canada during a tour of ridings with female candidates.

Liberal campaign spokesperson Daniel Lauzon told The Canadian Press that Krieber's schedule initially did not include time for interviews until after Oct. 3.

But during her appearance on Canada AM, Krieber said she would still choose to put her career on hold and join her husband on the campaign trail.

"If I was allowed to go back and discuss it again, I would say yes. With all that I know now, I would say yes," Krieber said. "It's rewarding. Despite all the negative, it's rewarding to serve the people of this country."

When asked if she finds the campaign's emphasis on popularity and personality challenging, she said that it's difficult to communicate policy ideas to Canadians when the focus is on "who Stephane is."

"He is what he's thinking about Canada, he is what he wants for Canada, he is what he wants for public policy for this country," Krieber said. "And he's really passionate about that."

With files from The Canadian Press.