Follow along as CTV News crews cover the Nelson Mandela story in South Africa. Photos from the CTV National News team, including chief news anchor Lisa LaFlamme, senior producer Rosa Hwang and reporter Danielle Hamamdjian.



Shooting live from our rooftop location in Pretoria.


Paul Workman and Lisa LaFlamme on set (rooftop patio) in Pretoria. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)


A nighttime view of the Union Building in Pretoria where Nelson Mandela's body is lying in state. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)


Daniele Hamamdjian with shooter Robyn Hinton on location in Pretoria. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)



Senior Producer Rosa Hwang interviews people waiting in line to see Nelson Mandela's body lying in state.


Lisa LaFlamme interviews people waiting in line to see Nelson Mandela's body lying in state.


Cameraman Stephane Brisson on location in Pretoria. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)


Cameraman Bill Purchase on location in Pretoria. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)


South Africans wait in line to pay tribute to Mandela. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)




Waiting for Mandela


Kgwadu Manthata is a 31-year-old South African. I spoke with her as she waited in line for hours to see Mandela's body lying in state on Wednesday Dec. 11, 2013. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)


Hartley Ngoato brought his wife to the line because as a lawyer, he feels a special kinship with Nelson Mandela. Mandela, of course, also started as a lawyer. Hartley says he's inspired by Mandela's cause of justice and equality for all.


Lisa LaFlamme

 Lisa LaFlamme with Gary Bedell, CTV Commentator and former Canadian Diplomat/Aide to Nelson Mandela on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)

Nelson Mandela Bridge

Nighttime view of Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)

David Iacolucci

Cameraman/editor David Iacolucci editing Tom Kennedy's National report on Mandela's memorial on Tuesday Dec. 10, 2013. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)


setting up

CTV Cameraman Stephane Brisson and Globecast freelance cameraman Thabiso Motlhakoane, working out technical requirements for LIVE special tomorrow for Mandela's memorial. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)

Mandela site survey

CTV cameraman Stephane Brisson and Senior Producer Rosa Hwang at a site survey in Johannesburg for our live broadcast location Tusday for Mandela's memorial.

Nelson Mandela bridge

Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)

Bedell and Doblanko covering Mandela

National assignment editor Michelle Doblanko with former Canadian diplomat Gary Bedell, who also worked as an aide to Nelson Mandela. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)



ANC members

ANC members mourn Madiba at a rally in a Johannesburg stadium. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)


The Sunday papers are out in Johannesburg before the national day of mourning for Mandela on Monday. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela celebration

A beautiful celebration in front of Mandela's home in Houghton - thousands of people singing and dancing. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela car

Take a look at this VW Jetta completely decked out in the form of a Mandela tribute in front of his house. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela tribute

A massive floral tribute to Mandela growing by the hour. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela house

Flowers at Mandela's house. What an outpouring of joy and sorrow. (MIchelle Doblanko/CTV News)

Mandela memorial

This little girl collects her own memories of this powerful Mandela tribute. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

school mandela tribute

School kids have written personal notes to Madiba - this is from 11-year-old Nelisiwe. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela gear

Lots of activity outside Mandela's home. Vendors seizing the opportunity with themed merchandise. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)

Mandela great granddaughter

One of Mandela's great grand-daughters arrives at the family home. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela sarong

This woman named Magogo sells Madiba memorabilia on the corner of his street. $20 for a sarong. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela songs

Even bigger crowds in Soweto on Vilakazi Street  singing tribute songs to Mandela. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Mandela girl

At Mandela House on the famous Vilakazi street in Soweto. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)

Espresso machine

Getting ready for tonight's broadcast. Look on the left: Where Italian editor/cameraman/superman David goes, so does an espresso machine. (Daniele Hamamdjian/CTV News)

Preparing for newscast

Preparing for Sunday night's newscast live from South Africa. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)


Mandela journey 1

Stuck on the tarmac at LHR waiting to go. Rereading Mandela's autobiography. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)

Arrived in South Africa

We finally arrived after an epic journey for an epic Mandela story. All the gear made it! Bill Purchase stands guard over camera gear. (Lisa LaFlamme/CTV News)


Arrived in Johannesburg. So much gear to sort through. (Rosa Hwang/CTV News)