EDMONTON -- Alberta's justice minister wants an apology from the Opposition Wildrose for distributing mock coupons that promise one free crime without prosecution.

Not funny says Jonathan Denis.

He calls the coupons childish -- and worse -- says they mislead the public.

The coupons feature a picture of a dour-faced Premier Alison Redford, a smiling Denis, a bar code and instructions to present the coupon upon arrest.

They entitle the holder to one free crime.

The Wildrose coupons are meant to satirize the government's new plan to divert first-time offenders for petty crimes to alternative measures programs instead of the courts.

The Wildrose calls the plan a -- quote -- "hug-a-thug" approach to crime that will make communities less safe.

Denis says that under the new plan the crown can still prosecute first offenders if they so choose.