Interactive: Canadian fighter jets scramble after Sunwing plane


Interactive: Canadian fighter jets scramble after Sunwing plane

Follow the path of CF-18 fighter jets as they intercept Sunwing Airlines Flight 221 near Quebec City on July 16, 2012, and listen to radio communication. A glossary of call signs used in the audio recording can be found below.  - Read the story

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Acronyms and call signs used in the recording:

  • Vimy 11 – Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet fighter jet
  • Sunwing 221 – Sunwing Airlines Flight 221, operated by Portugal’s EuroAtlantic Airways
  • TOI 1 – Track of Interest 1, the label Canadian Forces gave to Sunwing Airlines Flight 221
  • ATC – air traffic control
  • Montreal Centre – air traffic control centre based in Montreal, covering the airspace over Quebec
  • Sidecar – Canadian Air Defence Sector, based at 22 Wing in North Bay, Ont., which is Canadian NORAD Region’s air operation centre, providing tactical-level control of the CF-18s

Note: The flight route is approximate and may not be exact.

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Credit: Philip Ling, CTV News

Source: Department of National Defence