OTTAWA - Canada deployed two more aircraft to Florida on Monday to assist with search and rescue efforts in the wake of hurricane Gustav.

Two CC-130 Hercules aircraft deployed from Greenwood, N.S., and Winnipeg to provide assistance with the next phase of hurricane relief efforts, the Canadian Forces said.

The deployments were prompted by a specific request from the U.S. NorthCom commander and a bilateral agreement for mutual support in times of need.

Canada also deployed a CC-177 Globemaster aircraft Aug. 31 to assist with the evacuation in advance of the hurricane.

That aircraft completed its mission but remains on standby at Trenton, Ont., to provide further assistance, should it be requested.

National Defence Minister Peter MacKay said the effort is in keeping with the Canadian Forces' long-standing tradition of providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.`The Government of Canada is standing by to provide any further assistance required by our neighbours,' he said.