Canada Post is warning Canadians to ignore an email about a package delivery that appears to come from the company, but in fact is only trying to deliver a virus to their computers.

The company has received word about an email that claims Canada Post is trying to deliver a package. The email directs the recipient to open an attachment in order to "affect" delivery.

Canada Post says the email is fraudulent, no package exists and the attachment "likely" contains a virus.

"The virus is not coming from Canada Post -- Canada Post does not require email confirmation to ‘affect' delivery," the company said in a news release. "The anonymous authors of this unfortunate email virus are only using the Canada Post name and the name of other large couriers to get your attention."

Canada Post is telling consumers who are not expecting a package to delete any email that appears to come from the company immediately.

Customers who are expecting a package should check the tracking number enclosed in the email at Canada Post's website. If the tracking number is fake, a message will appear in red lettering that reads: "Invalid Tracking Number format. Please check your entries and try again."

If this message appears, delete the email immediately.

Comments posted to an online message board suggest having up-to-date anti-virus software is keeping some recipients safe.

"Anyone receive a suspicious e-mail from Canada Post containing an attachment to open?" asks one commenter. "I did and I have serious doubts about its authenticity. I did not open the file. I tried matching the tracking number thru (Canada Post) but it came up invalid."

"Yep got one yesterday," replies another commenter. "AVAST, my anti-virus program, caught the virus and deleted it from the message. Gotta love technology."

Canada Post said it is "taking this matter seriously" and will provide more information about the emails as it becomes available.