VANCOUVER -  Police in British Columbia issued an unusual warning Saturday to the general public and family members of two brothers arrested on weapons charges, saying it could be hazardous to associate with the two men.

The B.C. Integrated Gang Task Force put out a news release Saturday that said there are "ongoing threats to murder'' Jarrod and James Bacon and it warned it could be dangerous for members of their family or members of the public to have contact with them.

Surrey RCMP, backed by the The B.C. Integrated Gang Task Force and the Vancouver Police Department Emergency Response Team arrested Jarrod Bacon, 25, and James Bacon, 22, on outstanding weapons charges Saturday.

The B.C. Integrated Gang Task Force release stated the unit has been pursuing an independent investigation and said in addition to threats against the brothers, its investigators are aware of threats against one other Bacon family member and some of their associates.

"In light of the significant and on-going threats, the BCIGTF is taking this step in warning the public, friends, family and associates of the Bacon brothers, that association with these individuals may place them in a position of jeopardy,'' the release stated.

Several family members and associates of the Bacons have been informed of the on-going threats, police said.

''However, investigators are concerned that other associates, not as yet identified by the police, are unaware of the threats and are at risk,'' the release added.

It goes on to say the brothers are well-known to police across the Lower Mainland.

All avenues to identify the person or persons responsible for the threats is being pursued and investigators from a number of law enforcement agencies are actively engaged in the investigation, police said.

The release also stated that police won't make photos of the Bacon brothers public over concern they ''could also assist the unknown parties involved in the murder plots.''

Each brother faces nine counts of firearms-related charges and are jointly charged with an additional 15 firearm offences.