VANCOUVER - A woman who scored a major victory against laws to protect sperm donors' anonymity is heading back to court today to fight the government's appeal of the case.

Olivia Pratten was born in 1982 through donated sperm and spent a decade trying to learn her biological father's identity.

When she found out that records with that information had been destroyed, she launched a lawsuit saying people like her should have the same rights as adopted children.

Last May, a B.C. Supreme Court judge agreed, ruling that sperm and egg donor anonymity is unconstitutional because offspring of donors also have a psychological need to know their genetic history.

Judge Elaine Adair gave the province 15 months to amend the Adoption Act, which covers donor conception.

She also granted a permanent injunction against the destruction of donor records but the B.C. government appealed the decision, saying donors have a right to privacy.